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Pride and Hair will, this year again, get together in Antwerpen.

The Antwerp Pride is not only about glitters & leathers, showy feathers & bewildered bystanders.  It is not only about legitimate claims, it is also about laughs, and people shouting their identity.  It is also about US, the Bears of Belgium and all their friends.  Whether from Belgium or elsewhere!

Join us to celebrate OUR diversity!

Like we claim it at every corner, whether you are Brown Bears, Grizzlies, Polar Bears, Pandas, Cubs, Smooths or Chasers, this year again, the BELGIUM BEARS will stroll the PRIDE in their legendary good spirit!

Watch out

The Antwerp Pride Committee has made some important changes to the Antwerp Pride

  1. NEW START LOCATION: As of noon everybody is more than welcome at Sint-Jans-Plein.
  2. At 13h30 everybody will leave this square and will go  – escorted by the police – to the Paardenmarkt
  3. Also the end of the pride will be different. The pride will stop at the “Gedempte Zuiderdokken”. The village will be over here.
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