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Habibi Exhibition

Habibi – the Lives of LGBT Muslims | New Exhibition and book


2 March 2021 → 31 March 2021, 10:00 → 17:00

‘Habibi’ tells the stories of men and women who are torn between hope and fear, expectations and dreams, talking and silence, denial and acceptance, family and sexuality, God and themselves.
Artwork by Sami Ammar, based on, ‘Habibi’, the new book by writer and anthropologist Wim Peumans.

Location: MigratieMuseumMigration, Molenbeek

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Book “Habibi – Het lief en leed van LGBT moslims by Wim Peumans

“Lgbt and Muslim? That is not possible and is not allowed? Does that exist? “At first glance, it may seem like a contradiction. It raises questions, reactions of disbelief, wonder and incomprehension. In some people a degree of resistance and even disgust.

Based on in-depth research, Wim Peumans presents ten candid and often moving portraits of LGBT Muslims in Belgium and the Netherlands. The stories reveal a battle between two worlds: the world of parents and that of LGBTs. Trapped between hope and fear, hopes and dreams, speaking and silence, denial and acceptance, family and sexuality, God and themselves, the men and women in this book are mainly looking for love; after someone they can call habibi – my sweetheart.

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Read the interview with Wim Peumans in ZIZO magazine

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