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Meet Ronny & Peeter, owners of La Réserve

For the bears in our community who wouldn’t know your business, can you briefly introduce yourself? How’s things going today?

We are Ronny and Peeter from La Reserve, the oldest gay bar in Brussels. Definitely worth a visit for a beer but also for our famous coffee. We play all kinds of music from the 70’s to contemporary.

Today it is a little more difficult than other times since we got the bar but the passion and love for the work is still there and we are sure it will all be okay. We try to comply with the rules as best as possible and count on the help and understanding of our loyal customers.


The past year and a half has been very difficult and is undoubtedly still difficult. How did you experience this? Was there also a positive side to this period?

The past year was not easy at all and it still is. At the beginning of the period we mainly did some renovation works in the bar, which were difficult to realize during opening times. This kept us busy for some time, after that it all got a bit more difficult. Both financially and mentally. The lack of the social aspect of the bar weighed heavily on us, but I think it was for everyone.

The positive thing about this period was the support we received from our friends and customers. From a bowl of soup delivered to the door to a successful crowdfunding. This gave us a mental boost and we were more ready than ever to fly back in. We had certainly rediscovered the pleasure of La Réserve!


Why do the bears have to come to your place? What is typical for La Réserve?

I think it’s a bit like coming home in La Réserve. Everyone is welcome in La Réserve. We are always happy to see friends and make new friends.
For a nice chat to a nice party until the early hours (if that is allowed again).


How can the bear community help your business?

I think it’s important to support all gay business by paying a visit, having one or more drinks, but also especially by coming with a positive and optimistic attitude. Your smile and energy give this to us too and give us that extra to keep going!


What do you wish for yourself in the coming months?

I look forward to the moment when we can have a spontaneous and unexpectedly fun party without thinking where we can all party carefree. Giving hugs and kisses.


Tell us something that is not generally known about you? What are your passions? 

I don’t think everyone knows that I have a great passion for good food and cooking. I like to eat out, but I also like to cook for myself and friends. I usually fill my free time with preparing something in the kitchen and then enjoying it. during my free time, I hang out on the couch, enjoy a good movie or play the playstation for a while.


How do you see the future of the bear community in Belgium and Europe evolving in the coming years?

I think the community will grow. People are becoming more and more open. The can also express themselves more. The body positivity is also important and is also much more accepted. I look forward to this evolution and hope that we can contribute to it

Thank you for this interview and we wish you all the best with La Réserve!

La Réserve, Petite Rue au Beurre 2A 1000 Brussels


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